15 Mar

Crisis and Critique

50 Years After May 68

Volume 5, issue 2, 29-11-2018

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: 50 Years After May 68, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

The Double Heritage of Communism to Come. 1917-1968-2018

by Bini Adamczak PDF

1968-2018, or from the "revolution impossible" to the impossibility of revolution? Variations on the objet petit s

by Eric Alliez PDF

Scattered Notes on “May 68” And its interpretations

by Étienne Balibar PDF

The procedure of its Invention, the Construction of its Form, the Means of its Transmission

by A. J. Bartlett PDF

Topicality of May 68

by Daniel Blanchard PDF

Will it Happen Again? Boredom, Anxiety and the Peak of Human Evolution

by Franco “bifo” Berardi PDF

To Make the Long March Short: A Short Commentary on the Two Long Marches that Have Failed Their Emancipatory Promises

by Boris Buden PDF

1968 and the Cahiers pour l'analyse. Internal debates in the philosophy of concept: epistemology, formalization and anti-psychologism

by Pascale Gillot PDF

Lacanian Subversion: Psychoanalysis for the Post-Humanity Era

by Rodrigo Gonsalves and Ivan Estêvão PDF

Global 1968 Reconstructed in the Short Century

by Wang Hui PDF

Storming Language

by Jean-Jacques Lecercle PDF

Making Subjection Visible: The Materialist Effects of 1968

by Warren Montag PDF

May 68': Spacing

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

One or Two Melancholias? 1917, 1968 and the Question of Organisation

by Rodrigo Nunes PDF

October 2 is Not Forgotten! The History, Collective Memory and Transgenerational Perseverance of Mexican ’68

by David Pavón-Cuéllar PDF

Re-politicizing 68

by Jacques Rancière PDF

May ’68 – A Past That Never Was and a Future That Has Already Been Missed

by Serene Richards PDF

The Long 1960s and ‘The Wind From the West’

by Kristin Ross PDF

May ’68 and its Subject (some Philosophical Archives of a Revolution)

by Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc PDF

Karl-Heinz Dellwo: 68 – Aborted Liberation

by Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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