07 Nov

Crisis and Critique

Bolshevik Revolution: One Hundred Years After

Volume 4, issue 2, 07-11-2017

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Bolshevik Revolution – 100 Years After, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

On the Russian October Revolution of 1917

by Alain Badiou PDF

October 1917 After One Century

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Back to Zimmerwald: Rethinking Internationalism

by Franco 'Bifo' Berardi PDF

From Berne to Yan’an: The Theoretical Breakthroughs of Lenin and Mao

by Roland Boer PDF

The Comrades of the Past: The Soviet Enlightenment Between Negation and Affirmation

by Maria Chehonadskih PDF

Lenin and the State of the Revolution

by Lorenzo Chiesa PDF

Desiring Alienation in Capitalism. Zeal to De-alienate in Socialism

by Keti Chukhrov PDF

The Subject of the Revolution

by Jodi Dean PDF

Tchevengour, the country of unreal communism - The October Revolution through the dialectical art of Andréï Platonov

by Isabelle Garo PDF

The Haunting of the October Revolution

by Jean-Jacques Lecercle PDF

Not Marx, Not Locke, But Hobbes: The Meaning of the Russian Revolution

by Lars T. Lih PDF

Introduction: Li Dazhdao and Bolshevism

by Claudia Pozzana PDF

The Victory of Bolshevism

by Li Dazhdao PDF

Wild times: From the 1917 Russian Revolution to the Revolution of our times

by Álvaro García Linera PDF

The Possibility of Revolution

by Christoph Menke PDF

Rereading October 1917

by Jean-Claude Milner PDF

The Legacies of the Russian Revolution: Power, Equality, Right

by Warren Montag PDF

Lenin and Electricity

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

Notes on the Critique of Revisionism: Lenin, Mao and Us

by Alessandro Russo PDF

A People’s Revolution: Democracy and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle

by Alan Shandro PDF

The Broken Music of the Revolution: Trotsky and Blok

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Interview with Slavoj Žižek: The Belated Actuality of Lenin

by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda PDF

Short interviews:
Kevin B. Anderson
Michael Hardt
Esther Leslie
Christoph Menke
Sophie Wahnich


Notes on Contributors PDF

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