24 Nov

Crisis and Critique

2020 - The Year of the Virus. SARS 2 / COVID 19

Volume 7 / Issue 3, 24-11-2020

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: 2020 – The Year of the Virus. SARS 2 / COVID 19 Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Living, Learning, Imagining in the Middle of the Crisis

by Étienne Balibar PDF

Security and Solidarity

by Andrea Cavalletti PDF

Morbus Anglicus; or, Pandemic, Panic, Pandaemonium

by Justin Clemens PDF

The Accomplice

by Alexander García Düttmann PDF

The Twofold Face of Immunity

by Roberto Esposito PDF

"Changing Life? Fortunes and Misfortunes of "Biopolitics" in the Age of Covid-19"

by Isabelle Garo PDF

The Interest of Breathing: Towards a Theory of Ecological Interest Formation

by Bue Rübner Hansen PDF

Art and True state of Emergency

by Wang Hui PDF

The Middle-Class Leviathan: Corona, the “Fascism” Blackmail, and the Defeat of the Working Class

by Elena Louisa Lange and Joshua Pickett-Depaolis PDF

The State in Times of Coronavirus: The pendulum of the "Illusory Community"

by Álvaro García Linera PDF

XV Theses on the Ecological Crisis and the Pandemia

by Michael Löwy PDF

Gas and Blas(t)

by Artemy Magun & Michael Marder PDF

Contagion: State of Exception or Erotic Excess? Agamben, Nancy, and Bataille

by Catherine Malabou PDF

The Mask of Universality: Politics in the Pandemic Response

by Todd McGowan PDF

Acceptable Deaths: Killing and Letting Die in the Covid-19 Conjuncture

by Warren Montag PDF

Still Too Human

by Jean-Luc Nancy PDF

Covid, Crisis, and the Materialist Critique of Value

by Nick Nesbitt PDF

Pandemic Economics

by Michael Roberts PDF

Excerpt from: The Ministry for the Future

by Kim Stanley Robinson PDF

The Normalization of Barbarism

by Natalia Romé PDF

Beyond the Necropolitics Principle: Suicidal State and Authoritarian Neoliberalism

by Vladimir Safatle PDF

Viral Encounter: Experiences, Lessons, and Options

by Göran Therborn PDF

Last Resorts: Jottings on the Pandemic State

by Alberto Toscano PDF

Contribution to the Critique of Political Organization: Outline of An Ongoing Research Project

by Gabriel Tupinambá et al PDF

Pandemonium Education – or a Teacher’s Manifesto Against “Social Distancing

by Raquel Varela & Roberto della Santa PDF

Homo Pandemicus: COVID ideology and panic consumption

by Fabio Vighi PDF

Covid is the New Orange…

by Sophie Wahnich PDF

Get Used to the Virus (and Forest Fires, and…)? No, Thanks!

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Mladen Dolar: Dialectic at a Standstill? Hegel at the Times of COVID

by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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