13 Dec

Crisis and Critique

Volume 8 / Issue 2, 13-12-2021

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Hegel and the Philosophy of Right after 200 years Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Table of Contents

The Right of the Body: Hegel on Corporeity and Law

by Stefania Achella PDF

Conceptual Thought as Critique: Remarks on Hegel and Marx

by Andreas Arndt PDF

Why Read Hegel Now?

by Judith Butler PDF

“Beyond the Sphere of All Manufactured Things”: Reflections on Hegel’s Idea of the State

by Peter E. Gordon PDF

From the Split Between Society and Nature Towards a Concept of Socio-Natural Ropes

by Oliver Feltham PDF

The Actualization of Freedom

by Ethan Foore PDF

The Right to Implication

by Andrew Haas PDF

Capitalism’s Implants: A Hegelian Theory of Failed Revolutions

by Adrian Johnston PDF

Science of Spirit

by Kojin Karatani PDF

Hegel’s Double Anthropology: Anthropological Dimensions of the Theory of Sittlichkeit

by Jean-François Kervégan PDF

Keine Frau muss müssen? Hegel in the Time of MeToo

by Zdravko Kobe PDF

The State of Capital: Hegel’s Critique of Bourgeois Society

by Todd McGowan PDF

The Philosophy of Right/ Hegel at 250

by Jean Luc Nancy PDF

The Rabble and Its Constitution

by Emmanuel Nakamura PDF

Hegel's Project of Comprehending Social Life

by Frederick Neuhouser PDF

Changing the World of Spirit in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Angelica Nuzzo PDF

Should Hegelian Political Philosophy Jettison the Absolute? Hegel’s Political Philosophy Two-hundred Years Later

by Terry Pinkard PDF

The Right and Wrongs of the Universal – Reading Notes on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuhback PDF

Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

by Christoph Schuringa PDF

A “Transformative” Reading of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right?

by Ludwig Siep PDF

Right and Duty in Hegel – Restrictions of Freedom?

by Klaus Vieweg PDF

Hegelian History Interrupted

by Rocío Zambrana PDF

A Short Note on Hegel and the Exemplum of Christ

by Slavoj Žižek PDF

Interview with Robert Pippin: The Actuality of Hegel

by Catherine Malabou PDF

Interview with Catherine Malabou: New Directions in Hegelianism

by Robert Pippin PDF

Notes on Contributors PDF

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