9 Jul

Crisis and Critique

Volume 8 / Issue 1, 9-8-2021

Edited by Agon Hamza & Frank Ruda

Introduction: Spinoza Today Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF

Table of Contents

Nothing Matters: Skepticism, Spinoza, and Contemporary French Thought

by Jeffrey A. Bell PDF

Theologico-political power: Spinoza against Schmitt

by Marilena Chaui PDF

The Politics of Indignation: a Spinozist Perspective

by Miguel de Beistegui PDF

Perseverance, Power, and Eternity: Purely Positive Essence and Spinoza’s Naturalism

by Michael Della Rocca PDF

Imaginary projections. Spinoza, between Borges, Perón and Freud

by Mariana Gainza PDF

Spinoza’s Rationalist Materialism: A Contribution to the Critique of Contemporary Naturalism

by Pascale Gillot PDF

Thinking social mobility with Spinoza

by Chantal Jaquet PDF

“Sed de his satis”: Spinoza’s Famous Last Words

by Gregg Lambert PDF

Hegel or Spinoza: Return to a Journey

by Pierre Macherey PDF

Spinoza, Althusser, and the Question of Humanism

by Yitzhak Melamed PDF

Spinoza and the Materialism of the Letter

by Warren Montag PDF

Is it right to revolt? Spinoza, the multitude and insurrection

by Pierre-Francois Moreau PDF

‘Different Times are Not Simultaneous, but Successive’: Spinoza between Jacobi and Herder

by Vittorio Morfino PDF

The Specter of Spinozism: Malebranche, Arnauld

by Steven Nadler PDF

Spinoza, a Democrat or a Republican?

by Charles Ramond PDF

Preemptive Strikes (of a philosophical variety): Marx and Spinoza

by Jason Read PDF

Towards a Revolutionary Science

by Natalia Romé PDF

Ultimate Grounds, Political Power, Philosophical Intervention: Inheriting the Tractatus theologico-politicus

by Martin Saar PDF

“I dare not mutter a word”: Speech and Political Violence in Spinoza

by Hasana Sharp PDF

Un homme ivre d’immanence: Deleuze’s Spinoza and Immanence

by Jack Stetter PDF

Reading the Hebrew Bible with Canaanite Eyes: Spinoza on Land, Migration, and Conquest

by Ted Stolze PDF

On Damaged and Regenerating Life: Spinoza and Mentalities of Climate Catastrophe

by Dan Taylor PDF

A hedonist (and materialist) Spinoza. A cross-reading

by Maria Turchetto PDF

The Invention of Nihilism: Political Monism, Epicureanism, and Spinoza

by Dimitris Vardoulakis PDF

Spinoza and the Paradox of Constitutionalism

by Miguel Vatter PDF

On Desire: Spinoza in Anti-Oedipus

by Daniela Voss PDF

Configuring the scene of subjectivity, once again, and with Spinoza

by Caroline Williams PDF

POEM: Spinoza

by Christopher Norris PDF

Interview with Pierre Macherey, Spinoza Today

by Agon Hamza and Frank Ruda PDF

Notes on ContributorsPDF

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